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The Rainbow Network is a faith-based organization working to end extreme poverty in Nicaragua through housing, health care, education, micro finance, and sustainable agriculture.

About the Poverty Crisis in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of our hemisphere’s poorest nations. Unsafe dirt-floor houses, lack of access to education, lack of food and water, little to no economic opportunity, and nearly nonexistent healthcare kill more people every year than violence. We are working to change that. Join us and learn how you can help.

A Good Start

So far we’ve help lift tens of thousands of people out of the clutches of extreme poverty. We’ve built hundreds of new homes. Our staff of medical doctors regularly visit more than 100 rural villages providing true patient care. We’ve made thousands of micro-loans to empower family businesses, we’ve sent thousands to high school, and taught tens of thousands to read and write. We’ve cut malnutrition to 8% in the communities we support, when we started people were dying from a lack of food.

But we have a long way to go. Now, it’s time for you to help.